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A-1 Product List

As not all of our products are stocked or popular with retail customers, we do not have them all listed for purchase online. Please take a look below for some of our other products. If you'd like pricing or have any questions about other products please get ahold of us.

Basic Security Amusement


CP-17-HD Side Bracket

CP-17-HDL Long Side Bracket

M-2/M-3 Eyebolts

S-11-LT/S-11-HD Lock Tabs

M-6 Coin Box Lock Plate

S-8/M-8 Padlock Protectors

S-62/S-62-LG Padlock Protectors

S-84 Heavy Duty Cabinet Hasp

SC-01 Tee Handle Cover Bar

S-114 No Drill Pinball Bar

S-25 Cabinet Security Bar

PC-01 Pinnacle Cranes Security Bar

S-30/S-31 Adjustable Wrap Around Bars

PB-01 Plush Bus Security Bar

S-13/S-14 Flat Security Bars

S-12 Series Corner Brackets

S-23/23-S/23-H/33 Pinball Machine Bars

S-103/S-104/S-47/S-49 Driving Hasps

Basic Security Bars

S-9 Offset Flat Bar

CS-42 Clean Sweep Cranes Bar

S-132 Pucklock Housing


Partial Coverage Amusement

S-19 Midwidth Coin Door Security Bar

S-19-STV Midwidth Coin door Security Bar

S-39 Bally Midway Door

S-117 Skee Ball Lightning Bar

S-119 Nascar Bar

S-120 Narrow Bill Acceptor Security Bar

S-58 Series Partial Coverage Doors

S-108 Entropy Door Security Bar

S-109 Flush Mount Partial Coverage Door

Full Coverage Amusement

S-98 Mid Width Door Series

S-96 Hasp for Over/Under Doors with Up Stackers

S-97 Hasp for Over/Under Doors

S-CM1 Full Coverage Door

S-101 Pinball Machine Door

S-111 Up-Closing Security Door

S-112 Iceball Security Door

S-37 Storm Door

S-106 Great Eight Valley Pool Table Door

Game Specific Amusement

PC-01 Pinnacle Cranes Security Bar

PB-01 Plush Bus Security Bar

S-41 Kiddie Ride Security Bar

S-110 Cherry Master Security Bar

S-113 Bill Validator Security Bar

S-122 Deal or No Deal Security Bar

CS-42 Clean Sweep Cranes Bar

S-GT4 Golden Tee Security Bar

S-46 Series Arachnid Dart Security bar

S-45 Merit Security Bar

S-111 Up-Closing Security Door


P-1 Pool Table Bar

P-3 Pool Table Glass Guard

P-5/P-5-Special Pool Table Bars

P-6/PH-6 Dynamo Pool Table/Air Hockey Security Bar

P-9 Round Cue Stand

P-11 Cone Chalk Holder

P-14 Valley Pool Table Ball Rack

S-106 Great Eight Valley Pool Table Full Coverage Door


SP-1/SP-2 Speaker Brackets

C-2-R/C-2-S Corner Protectors

SP-3 Square Speaker Grill

SP-4 Round Speaker Grill

S-PCP Power Cord Plate

CCH-1 Coin Cup Holder

CP-12 Cabinet Bracket

CP-05 Control Panel Brackets

Product Images


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