S-23, S-23-S, S-23-H, S-33 Pinball Machine Security Bar


The S-23 series offers great protection for many types of pinball machines. The S-23 and S-23-S are 2" wide and made of 3/16" thick steel. The S-23 and S-23-S are hinged bars. The S-23-S is a shorter bar of only 12" length.A 3/8" eyebolt and hardware is included.

S-23 / S-23-S

The S-33 is a 2 1/2" wide and made from 3/16" thick steel. The S-33 features a 3/16" thick steel padlock cover and comes with a 1/2" hardened drop forged eye bolt. All bars come coated in a durable smooth black powder coat finish. Mounting hardware is included.